Soul Road Master Teacher Training Retreat

July 24th-29th, 2023
in St. George, Utah

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Let's talk about whether this is meant for YOU — with a few heartfelt questions from Melody. . .

Are You Feeling The Undeniable Call To Do This?

I have learned that the women who show up and make the decision to get certified as a Soul Road Master Teacher all have one thing in common, they each felt an unrelenting call to do this.

This training is beautiful and transformative, but it's also very intense. The work you will do in the world with it is quite possibly the most beautiful work you will ever do outside of the work you do in your personal relationships and in your own heart . . . but again, it's intense work that will not be fulfilling unless you feel the call to do it. If this is exactly what you've been looking for, I've also been looking for you to join us! If you've been feeling the call . . . please keep reading!

Are You Ready To Do What It Takes To Make It Happen?

My teaching methods are rooted in understanding and remembering what it's like to be a human being in this world, and how so much of the conditioning we've received has made a hard experience even harder. The foundation of my work is that we are all souls having a human experience.

So. . . my teaching methods start with YOU DOING YOUR SOULWORK. If we do not each learn to heal our trauma and then learn how powerful we are, we cannot develop the empathy needed to help others do the same. We are only guiding others down paths we have been down ourselves. So if you've done this transformative work and you're now ready to share it . . . keep reading!

Do You Know What Your Secret Sauce Is Yet?

The world is a difficult and chaotic place right now and it does not seem to be getting any easier to navigate. We have reached a time in history where we have to learn to cooperate with each other to not only survive it, but to thrive through it! YOU ARE A PART OF THAT!

You were born with something very special, different than anyone else who has ever been alive. Combine that with your life experiences and what they have uniquely taught you, and you have a special sauce that has the beautiful potential to help others in ways that nothing else could. If you don't know your special sauce yet, you'll figure it out in this training and then, watch out world . . . here she comes!
You'll be certified to become a Soul Road Master Teacher - A Soul Road Warrior! If you don't know what that is, read about it HERE.

So what happens at a this live training retreat?

First off all, you'll experience one of the most beautiful places in the world, and you'll be staying at a beautiful resort with the rest of your cohort. Dinners and snacks are included and you'll have a beautiful kitchen to prepare your own breakfast and lunch. It's a week packed with life-changing experiences and you'll go home a new person!

Along with your Level 3 Certification, you will be gifted with the massive library of Melody Ross Curriculum and be personally coached and trained to utilize and facilitate Melody Ross Teaching Methods. You'll be equipped at this intensive 5-day personal coaching event to do what your heart has been yearning to do. You'll be equipped with the tools to do it!

These events are small and intimate, with less than 10 new teachers attending at a time, an intimate and intense experience where everyone will take turns teaching the circle we create, learning from each other while being coached by Melody. In this setting, you will learn well and rapidly  — leaving absolutely transformed and ready to guide the ones your soul has been longing to serve!
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Certifications & TRAININGS included
If this is the first you've heard of any of this, please take time to familiarize yourself with these trainings HERE. If you know this is EXACTLY what you want....keep reading!

As a Certified Soul Road Master Teacher, you will have the authority and the training to teach the world renowned course, Soul Restoration, as well as Melody's library of satellite Soul Reminder courses that dive into specific topics. Melody is continuously creating new curriculum for these new times, which will be added to the extensive library of courses that Soul Road Master Teachers are authorized to teach.

Once you are certified, you will be gifted with a lifetime of Melody Ross curriculum to share in the ways you feel called to share it. You'll be authorized and trusted to charge what you feel called to charge for your services and guidance using Soul Road Curriculum.

All Soul Road Curriculum is designed to utilize strategic questions, creative projects, soulful exercises and deep self-inquiry to help human beings remember who they are, why they're here and what they are capable of. Tens of thousands of students all over the world have reset their lives and found their truest selves through the extensive library of Soul Road Curriculum. 

If you have specific questions that are not found on this page, please feel free to contact me at

(NOTE - Level 3 Training Online is currently $4000, and this LIVE training retreat is an additional $1000 - these low introductory prices will be offered until 2023 when prices will then rise meet their value & industry standard prices. Online certification is as valid as Live Certification) 

Lesson series

What Happens At A Master Teacher Training Retreat?

These training weeks seem to last for magical months, or lifetimes! We fit so much in and so much transformation happens that it's hard to describe. . . . but let me try to show you with images and words and music with this video.
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How To Prepare For This Epic Training Retreat

(come back to this page when you need to remember what to do next)

  • Register and Pay (see links below)
  • Watch Levels 1 & 2 and Soul Restoration Videos (see links below)
  • Join the Facebook Group (see link below)
  • Book Your Travel (see information below)
  • Create Your Packing List & Start Packing! (see information below)
  • Write Your Grocery List (see information below)
Click the link and pay to secure your spot in this cohort. Be sure to fill in all areas so that I have your contact information! 

If you have any problems registering and paying, or if you just have questions, please email me at

(I am happy to do payment plans, but the entire balance must be paid in full before the retreat and I cannot offer refunds if you change your mind. So please be sure this is for you! If you need a payment plan, email me and let me know what you can do to have it paid before the retreat)
Soul Road Master Teacher training is Level 3 Training, so it includes both Level 1 and Level 2 training, leading up to Level 3. I ask that you complete as much of Levels 1 & 2  online before you arrive. But even more importantly, I need you to watch every single Soul Restoration video because this is the course we will be teaching to each other so that I can coach your teaching as we create a retreat and learn from what happens at retreats. At this retreat, you'll experience both the side of being a teacher and student. You'll learn about being a retreat facilitator AND a retreat guest. We want to cover as much of these areas as possible while we are live together, so the more prepared everyone comes, the deeper we will be able to go. Anything we aren't able to cover at the retreat will be available through video training after. 
It is really important for you to join this group not only to get updates before our retreat, but to get to know the other members of your cohort before you arrive.  You'll be so glad you did! We have all sorts of fun in this group before, during and after our epic week together!
Training starts on Monday July 24th at 5:30 with our introductory dinner and first session. If you would like to arrive the day before, however, you can book your travel to arrive Sunday, July 23rd and you can come to the condo anytime after 4pm. Just let me know if that's what you'd like to do and I will get you everything you need to check in!

Although we will have the condo until Sunday the 30th so that we can have a play day on Saturday, ee will have a closing breakfast on Saturday July 29th and will be done by 9:30am so that you can fly home that day if you'd like! Again, we will have the condo until Sunday morning, you are welcome to stay an extra day. . . you'll just have to be out by 10am that day. 

There is one airport in St. George and it is a 20 minute drive from the resort. You can use a driving service like Uber to get to and from the condo or rent a car for the week. We can make a few airport runs for flights that arrive and leave at the same times, but since we are a small crew, we can't make more than a few. We will coordinate this in the Facebook Group.

Sometimes folks like to fly into Las Vegas Airport, which is about 2 hours from St. George. You can then either rent a car or ride on the St. George Shuttle from Las Vegas to St. George - the shuttle will then bring you to a place very close to the resort.

Here are the basic items you will need, but be sure to stay active in the FB group for any updates about what you may need to bring!

-any assignments you’ve already completed from Level 1 & Level 2 . . . no pressure, but bring whatever you’ve got done!
-yoga mat
-comfy clothes for yoga, and "hiking" (it's really just beautiful walks...not strenuous) and the same comfy clothes for the rest of the day (I will just be wearing really comfy clothes all through the training so please don’t stress about what to wear!)
-your supplements and medications
-your own towel and washcloth if you don’t want to use the condo towels
-shoes with good tread for hiking
-flip flops
-beach towel if you want one bigger than the pool towels
-sun hat
-water bottle
-chill-out clothes
-favorite pen
-ear plugs and eye mask if you have trouble sleepiing
-a device to watch videos if you need to study
-something to take pictures with
-your favorite pen if you are particular
(see the next section)

-All of your textbooks, workbooks and journal
-A pen
-Art Supplies
-Lots of surprises… leave room in your luggage!
We will have yummy snacks and a delicious dinner every night, but Chef Lizzie does not cook our breakfast or lunches, so everyone will need to take care of their own breakfast and lunch. You'll have a kitchen in your condo so there's no need to go out.

We will have some snacks for you every day, but at these trainings everyone usually stops at the store on the way to get their own groceries for the foods they want to eat for breakfast and lunch. There’s a big refrigerator so you’ll be able to put your food there. You can also order some groceries from Smith’s on Bluff street and my husband will make a run to Smith’s

every day and he can pick up your order for you. Lizzie will also be going to the store a lot. If you won’t have a car, you can ride along with Lizzie or me or Marq to go to the store. If you’re coming early on Sunday, you can go to the store with us then. Like I said, we will have snacks and leftovers from dinners and breakfasts….but if you like special snacks and drinks, make sure to either bring those or get those while you’re here! Smith's also has drugstore stuff, so if you forget anything, you can get it there. 🙂

There will be basic coffee making supplies and coffee, but if there is something you really want, be sure to bring that with you too!

Where You Will Be Staying

St. George is a beautiful town with many beautiful resorts. We will be staying in our own lovely condo at a resort that has pool access and lovely walking paths. Everyone will have their own bed, but you may have a roommate. Some will share
bathrooms and some will have their own bathroom. Room assignments are chosen randomly by drawing names, so we all pinkie promise that we get what we get and we don't throw a fit! These are very nice resorts so every room and every bed is lovely and comfortable! You won't be spending much time in your room because we have a very exciting and packed schedule all week, including several outings to epic places to learn epic things! The pictures below are from one of the resorts we often stay at...and your condo will either be like this or similar,


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