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If you're ready to have keys to the Soul Road Soulwork treasure chest, this is for you! In this intensive training, I will personally coach you and then give you the tools you need if you feel that helping others to heal and thrive is your life purpose. You'll join over 120 other Soul Road Master Teachers across the world.

With this certification,  I will teach you EVERYTHING I know about guiding others through Soulwork, hosting epic events and overnight retreats, the business of the business and how to make it successful and sacred for everyone. I'll teach you about curating and taking care of your staff and volunteers and creating a support circle inside of your retreats for the ones who are serving. I'll teach you how to make special details that put your events over the top and I'll share my vendors, supply lists, task lists and master plans to keep you organized and on-track. You'll also have access and authority to teach my enormous library of curriculum, including Soul Restoration, as well as a wholesale account to purchase books, workbooks and merchandise. You'll be inducted into a group of master teachers to learn from and support in this purpose and cause. We will meet together over Zoom monthly. This is for someone who wants to make teaching Soulwork into a BUSINESS and who has a solid plan for where they will host gatherings, and to whom they will be teaching. This certification is for you if you are ready to SEE THIS AS PART OF YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE and put some of your valuable and heartful blood, sweat and tears into it, following a solid tried and true plan. This is not for you if you just think this might be something fun to do as a hobby. This is a big investment and I will be teaching you EVERYTHING I know! This is where your life takes a big and beautiful turn and you'll be doing work that will fulfill you in ways that you never dreamed were possible, as well as helping others to find their truest selves.

Are you ready? Is it calling to you? Is your heart swelling out of your chest with yearning and knowing? I hope so! I would love to have you alongside me!
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You'll join a team of Soul Road Master Teachers across the globe!

We are all on this epic road together! A group of Soul Warriors who feel called to help others across the world to set themselves free to live the life that feels most true to them. It's the most gratifying journey you could dream of with the most remarkable team.  We would sure love to have you!

Soul Road Level 3 Certification
In Your Words

"one of the best things I've ever done" | "absolutely life changing" | "this work is everything to me" | "I have never felt so passionate about something" | "this works"

One of the best things I ever did was get certified to teach Soul Road Curriculum. If anyone is on the fence .. DO IT .. it is not a game changer - it is a life changer!! 

I recently completed the Soul Road Level 3 certification course so now I can host Soul Restoration Retreats at my ranch. This course changed my life when I first took it a few years ago. I am beyond excited and so grateful for the tools I now have to rewrite my old stories and want to share it with everyone I know who wants to find freedom, self love, learning to let go of old trauma, beliefs, fear, and find healing on so many levels.

This was the most important life changing thing I have done for myself so that I may serve others!!


What's included?

  • Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Training - You'll be a LoveStormer, An Art Healer AND A Master Teacher (if you have already taken Level 2 training, your purchase price will be discounted)
  • 3 Certifications + Live Coaching Over Zoom
  • Authorization to Guide Others Through My Extensive Library Soul-Road Curricula As Well As Use It For Yourself. This is a $7000+ Value Alone!
  • 100+ Videos
  • Downloadable PDFs & Wholesale Account to Order Workbooks, Books and Merch As They Become Available

Soulwork As A Purpose

It's an indescribable feeling to know your purpose at different seasons in life. 

If you're feeling the deep call to share the Soulwork that changed your own life and continues to keep you on your own Soul Road, this intensive training and ongoing education might just be your dream come true and exactly what you're looking for.

I knew, nearly 2 decades ago that I wanted to spend my career time in circles of human beings, mostly women, talking about deep and meaningful things and getting to the root of what holds us all back from our deepest yearnings and potential. 

If I would have had an opportunity like this one, where an entire library and decades of experience was presented to me . . . it would have accelerated my path immensely! So I hope you'll take this opportunity to learn the things that it's taken me thousands of hours and hundreds of events and experiences with thousands of students to learn. I will open up the chest of my greatest treasures and gladly share them with you! This work needs to be out in the world and you are the one to do it!

A New Kind of Army 

You'll be joining Soul Road Master Teachers, Art Healers and LoveStormers all over the world who have found that helping and serving others through creativity is their greatest passion.

We are a group committed to the wellness and thriving of our human family, one soul at a time, and we believe that every soul alive has a unique Soul Road to travel. This work helps people to not only get back on their own Soul Road, but to STAY on their own Soul Road.  

Imagine being surrounded by a community of human beings who have done the work to have their own souls restored and who just want to make sure that every other soul on the planet has the same opportunity. Imagine being surrounded with people who are excited about life, love to learn and grow and have respect, compassion and a desire to learn about every other member of our human family. Imagine being in a community of people who love to laugh, who aren't afraid to cry and are constantly filled with gratitude and awe as they spend their lives focused on the important and sacred parts of life. Imagine doing all of this WHILE being more creative than you've ever been. THAT is what you have to look forward to with Soul Road Level 3 Certification! 

Ready to become a Soul Road Master Teacher? We would sure love to welcome you to the circle...we saved a seat for you!

Is It Calling To You?

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You'll Be Certified to Teach Soul Restoration!

Watch this short video to learn all about this epic course that has transformed tens of thousands of lives!

Part of Level 3 Certification is that we will, as a group, be going through my Soul Restoration course together. You'll take the course online, here in Soul Road Academy . . . then we will meet together face to face as I coach you through it. Next, you'll get to practice teaching it to the group. It is the most exquisite experience to share together and I can't wait to do it with you. A few times a year, you're invited to come get certified with me in person in beautiful Southern Utah . . . or we can do it together online. Either way, this is a beautiful and epic experience that I cannot wait to share with you!
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What Soul Restoration Means To Me

Teaching and sharing Soul Restoration has been the most treasured and personally rewarding parts of my career. And this is because of the miraculous  transformations I've seen in so many soul's lives.

The far-reaching impact that Soul Restoration has had on tens of thousands of lives across the world can never be adequately measured because once a person goes through the experience of Soul Restoration, every relationship in their life is affected positively. Especially their relationship with themselves.
I know this from personal experience because Soul Restoration not only changed my life, it saved my life. 
So I wanted to personally invite you as I guide a group of souls who are truly ready to share this work with the world.
This is will be a rare and intimate experience where I will be able to give you face to face time and heart to heart time 
. . . and personal coaching that comes from leading others through this experience thousands of times.
I’m incredibly excited about this offering.
If you’ve been weary, if you’re ready to dive in and hear yourself - to repair what’s needing repaired inside of you and to emerge as the strongest version of WHO YOU ARE….in this broken world….
This experience is for YOU.
Because you'll do it for YOURSELF FIRST and then you'll be certified to share it with others.
Because the original you is still in there…the warrior you is in there. And she's ready to go and change the world.
YOU don’t need to change, you just need to restore. And then you will want to go and make sure everyone alive has this experience! 
If your heart is beating, and you KNOW this is the right time for you, I hope you’ll listen to it. As it always happens, this experience will make it to the exact right people at the exact right time, I hope it’s you and I hope to see you soon. 

Course Lessons


A Life Filled
With Meaning

Please come join us! You're about to find the most exquisitely fulfilling way to spend the extra minutes of your life! I can't wait to do this with you!
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Meet the CREATOR

Melody Ross

Melody Ross is an entrepreneur, artist, author, researcher, and teacher. Author of more than 20 books and 50 courses, her popular truth-speaking, affirming tools are used worldwide by individuals, families, schools, and community organizations.
Best known for her flagship course, Soul Restoration, Melody has lead thousands through the process of discovering just how amazingly capable they are and how to become the hero of their own story.
An avid artist for over 25 years, Melody's art and products have been featured in magazines like Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens. Her products and books have sold for decades with retailers like Barnes and Noble, Target, QVC, Home Shopping Network, and thousands of small boutiques across the world.
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